Our complete array of services is sure to provide your business with the right solution for your radiology coverage.

Patient information storage

» Demographics, insurance information, prescriptions, tech forms, labs, billing forms, EOBs, LOPs, notes, etc



» Custom reports with your center's logo, address, phone, etc.
» Reports can be printed or downloaded from the system as PDF.
» Web-based access to referring physicians to review reports and images of their patients from any computer in their office.
» Autofax reports to referring physicians.
» Auto-email notification to referring physicians when a report is ready to be reviewed.
» We can also integrate our RIS-PACS with the EMR of referring physicians so they will automatically receive the reports in their EMR.
»Critical findings module (see below).


Diagnostic images

» Images stored for the length of the contract in our server.
» Cloud system allows radiologists in other locations to access images (based on subspecialty).
» Web-based access to referring physicians to review the images of their patients from any computer in their office.



» Scheduling module is available.
» Schedule by location, modality, etc.
» Referring physicians have capacity to request schedule time for their patients online.


Messaging system

» Internal messaging system for communication between all the system users, typically used to communicate with the operations manager or radiologist, avoiding using the phone.

Workflow (some useful features listed below)

» Assignment of studies by radiologist based on subspecialty, referring physician preference, availability, etc.
» Color labeling of studies (for example pending paperwork, pending prior studies for comparison, etc).
» Label "call referring physician": radiologist knows that the referring physician needs to be called with results on the study.
» Mark "stat": the study will turn red in all the screens simultaneously (radiologist, transcriptionist, etc), and moves to the top of the list so it is read next.
» The system displays the status of the study: unread, read, preliminary report, final report.
» Review, search and filter studies by date of service, status, patient's name, medical record, etc.


Critical findings

» This feature allows the radiologist to mark a study "critical finding" (when there are important but not emergent findings that could not be communicated to the referring physician at the time of the exam). The exam is labeled so later it can be retrieved and a clerk can verify that the report was received by the referring physician. This prevents delays in communication which is the most common cause for law suits in radiology.


Statistical reports

» Reports can be provided, for example, based on volume by referring physician referrals per month, which may be used for marketing purposes.



» Secure datacenter located in Tampa.
» 99.999% uptime (we've never been down!).
» 24/7 support and system monitoring.
» Triple backup of information (RAID 6).
» Broad band of 100 Mbps up/down.